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Are You Looking For A Solution To Boost The Visibility Of Your Products Or Services In Europe?

You Are On Right Place!

We can help you develop your business across Europe, Expanding your business into Europe can offer many advantages. To create a strong customer base you must have an effctive marketing strategy from the start. But there are a number of challenges can be the key to your success. Our Team of professional and dedicated business consultant provide personalized solutions you can use to promote and penetrate EU market efficiently.

About Us

We have been purchasing our stocks from direct import for several years, and have been expanding our product range continuously in accordance with the market needs. Our partner companies are located both in Asian and European countries. Our objective is to further improve our import and export activities, find new partners and serve our customers at the highest quality. Our agents and offices in many countries around the world representing the interests of EUnitrade in purchasing and selling process also they verify the supplier and customer reputation and product quality. Particular attention is given to long-term relations and understanding clients needs we are able to provide them with raw materials, solve the logistical problems, and often energy needs. Some of our companies have been found to conform to the Management System Standards ISO 9001 (quality certification), ISO 14001 (environmental certification), ISO 22000 (food safety certification). Thanks to our efficient distribution network and the central position of Hungary we can deliver fast to Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Moved by the motto of “yes, we can do it” we study every need and project of each of our customers, in order to find the best prices for their for their products and services.Best of all, EUnitrade can help you scale your business and reach more customers globally.

  • theEunitrade Procurement and Supply Chain covers the purchase requirements of the Eunitrade HQs and it acts extensively on behalf of the Eunitrade operating companies.
  • The team identifies supply options, and contracts and manages suppliers for an extensive range of products and services. These include technical products & services, IT platforms, phones, and non-telecommunications services such as marketing, call center operations, logistics services and various other business services.
  • In addition, Procurement teams local to our operations may also engage directly with interested suppliers, with guidance from the central team where appropriate.

 International Recruitment :

With a vast experience in international recruitment, we have become the partner of many well known EU leading headhunting companies, recruiting overseas skilled workers for the European market.
We work closely with a selection of EU based recruiters, immigration lawyers, and financial consultants, continuously seeking skilled workers from many Asian countries Especially Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

 Introduction of the Skilled Immigration Act:

  Germany facilitates immigration for skilled workers from abroad with the introduction of the Skilled Immigration Act, effective March 1, 2020 .The shortage of skilled      workers is becoming an increasing problem in Germany and a business risk for many companies. The Federal Government therefore now wants to attract qualified      employees from non-EU countries to Germany. On March 1, 2020, a new law will enter into force to facilitate immigration for those skilled workers. With the “Skilled      Immigration Act”, the German Federal Government is creating the framework for future-oriented and needs-based immigration of skilled workers from abroad.

 Becoming a Headhunter with Eunitrade:

 At Eunitrade, we want local and overseas recruiters who are passionate about helping candidates’ careers and assisting clients in meeting their goals. We want   recruiters who do more than recruit. In short, we want professionals who are expert relationship-builders and who thrive under pressure.Does this sound like you?

         Honesty Is Always the Best Policy:

            Every time you interact with a candidate or hiring manager, your communication needs to be direct, clear and most importantly, completely honest. Let                            candidates  know as many details as possible about the expectations for the role, the dynamics of the team or business unit they’re interviewing for and the                  company culture as much as possible – and make sure that you realistically represent the drawbacks as well as the selling points while selling any opportunity.




Our Main Import

  • Miscellaneous textiles, Suiting Fabrics
  • Cotton
  • Knit or crochet clothing and accessories
  • Clothing, accessories
  • Cereals
  • Leather/animal gut articles
  • Sugar, sugar confectionery
  • Optical, technical, medical apparatus
  • Dental and surgical instruments
  • Salt, Sulphur, stone, marbles ,granite ,cement

and more other products….

Our Main Export

  • Mineral fuels including oil
  • Machinery including computers
  • Electrical machinery, equipment
  • Iron, steel
  • Vehicles
  • Organic chemicals
  • Animal/vegetable fats, oils, waxes
  • Plastics, plastic articles
  • Oil seeds
  • Vegetables

and more other products…

Becoming Our supplier

We are proud of our track record of working closely and collaboratively with our suppliers.We are interested in finding innovative products that are truly unique and genuine. we are always on the look out for new suppliers who can help us deliver our vision of high street style and quality, at supermarket prices. We work with many reliable overseas suppliers who offer us great choice, quality and innovation and we offer them help and sustainable growth for the future.